Our psihology

Our philosophy on dental implants
Implantology is currently the fastest development in dentistry. There are numerous systems of dental implants, prosthetic and insertion techniques, each with advantages and disadvantages. Our philosophy for dental implants is based on a very strict risk management and it is oriented on predictable and safe results. Each case has an individualized solution with emphasis on maximum safety parameters. While this sometimes requires prolonged healing time or an additional step, the success rate we have been experiencing for many years in implantology is guaranteed.
Immediate loading implants vs late loading implants (4-6 months)
The time required for a dental implant to integrate into the bone is highly debated. Therefore, doctors propose very different periods of time in order to give the dental implant time to heal before putting a tooth. Generally, doctors give between 2 and 6 months for healing, or even less. If the implant is loaded too quickly, it may move, which means the failure of the intervention. This is the reason why many are hesitant to shorten the healing time. From our point of view immediate loading is indicated only in the cases where a very good primary stability can be obtained.
With few exceptions, we prefer to wait for optimal healing period (4-6 months) for two reasons: both studies and our experience show that it is a much safer practice and the second reason is that throughout the healing all our patients have provisional prosthetic works.
Classical incision vs Flapless surgery
Traditionally, an incision is made on the crest of the place where the dental implant is to be placed. Some systems allow surgery without making this incision, and those who support this technique say the recovery time is shorter. Those who are against this technique argue that there is a chance of some complications because the edge of the bone cannot be seen.
We believe in classical incision, and we definitely consider the safety of the dental implant infinitely more important than the recovery time.
Post-extraction placement vs post- healing placement (6 weeks after extraction)
A more often used strategy to preserve the bone and reduce the treatment time includes the placement of a dental implant in a place where a recent extract has been made. Immediate loading is becoming more and more widespread and success rates for this procedure are very high. This can greatly reduce the treatment time, and depending on the case, a temporary crown can be attached to the implant simultaneously with the placement surgery of the dental implant.