Sinus lift

Sinus lift surgery

The rehabilitation of patients with dental implants can be very difficult when lost teeth affect the posterior maxilla (upper molars area). After tooth extraction, the bone resorption in this area is frequently accompanied by an increase in size of the maxillary sinus (a cavity inside the bone). Thus, without the bone addition surgery, the insertion of implants in this area would be difficult and there would be the risk of placing implants in the maxillary sinus. This could trigger a series of diseases of the sinus (sinusitis), very difficult to treat. The operation which increases the bone volume in this posterior upper jaw, to the detriment of the sinus volume, is called sinus lift. Within this operation, the maxillary sinus is “raised”, hence the name “sinus lift”. Basically, after the surgery, the lower portion of the sinus will become bone tissue.