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Who can benefit from the implants?

Implants can help any patient. The determining factor is usually the health, not the age. Patients may be young adults experiencing a congenital absence of teeth or their premature loss, accident victims, dentures users or adults feeling embarrassed because of artificial teeth.

"Care, Quality, Knowledge"

With or without teeth whitening treatment, everyone wants a young and beautiful smile, which is associated with white, bright and healthy teeth. The colour of the teeth can sometimes be less pleasant, due to more or less intense variations from yellow to grey.

Fixed Orthodontics

Offer the advantage of correcting faulty occlusion and dental malposition both for teenagers and adults.

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Dental implants offer a mastication force, preservation of natural remaining teeth, comfort and improving self-esteem.


A beautiful smile is an important part of the overall impression that a person makes on the others.


Orthodontics is a specialty of dental medicine that deals with the correction of dentomaxillary abnormalities.


The periodontal disease (periodontitis) – called the “silent killer”, is an irreversible lesion of periodontal inflammatory nature.


What customers say about us

I am very satisfied with the quality of the work and the seriousness that has been shown. SAVA Dental Boutique, a chic place, (5 *), and doctors at height.

Passing by here, I saw that dental problems cease to be PROBLEMS. I recommend with confidence.


Being a little stressed due to the wedding and the many smiles displayed in the photos, I turned to the specialists in dentistry and Dr. Sava Cosmin was the one who with such finesse and seriousness executed a dental beauty work with the best materials (zirconium and ceramics). I was very delighted with the end result. I wholeheartedly recommend, especially for those who have a little “fear” of dentists.


If you dream of having a star smile, you can confidently call Sava Dental Boutique. I had a job two years ago as well as a whitening treatment, which really worked. In addition, the conditions we can enjoy, as patients, are TOP, at high rates.