A beautiful smile is an important part of the overall impression that a person makes on the others. The philosophy of modern dentistry has far exceeded the traditional boundary focusing on diagnosing and solving the case only for functional reasons. Aesthetic dentistry focuses on improving and even changing radically the smile, complementing the functionality.
Basically, dental cosmetics  is not a special branch of dentistry, but includes under this name, techniques and procedures from several branches of dentistry which all aim to improve the appearance of the dental arches (professional whitening treatments, prosthetic ceramic veneers)

The lack or malposition of teeth, dyschromia or massive destructive of dental crowns can be treated successfully with ceramics. Whether full ceramic, Ceramic facets – veneer, inlay or onlay, Lumineers veneers, ceramic crowns supported on zirconia, or complex prosthetic works – Telescopic dental works, skeleton, they can all render you a functional and aesthetic smile.

When deciding  the type of prosthetic work we shall use, we are going to see together examples of different types of works and we are going to compare different types of materials, discussing the differences between them, the advantages or disadvantages of each of them, so that finding the optimal variant to be just one question away.

Digital Dental Photography is a great way to support an accurate diagnosis, communicate therapeutic possibilities and document cases. Digital photography and intraoral imaging devices help us capture high quality images on the details of texture, shape, colour, physiognomy, planning the smile design in predictable ways. The ability to quickly create provisional restorations based on the design and models offer the patient a preview of the smile.

Considering the features and peculiarities of each one, applying the principles of aesthetics and functionality, using modern dental technology and modern imaging, artistic ability and professional experience, we can create a smile representing you.