About Implant

Today over half of the population is affected by the loss of one or more teeth. Physical appearance and social activities are an important part of our lifestyle, so that tooth loss can be a serious personal problem. Thanks to advances in dentistry, we can improve your physical appearance as well as your beautiful smile and food choices. Due to dental implants, thousands of people enjoy the food they had not tasted for a long time.

The consequences of tooth loss
Losing a tooth also leads to the loss of bone tissue from its root. Along with the loss of bone tissue, the problems concerning the lack of support can lead to a feeling of discomfort when wearing prosthesis, mobility and lack of retention. The continuing loss of maxillary and mandibular bone may affect the facial profile, causing the patient an aging appearance.
The feeling of embarrassment, uncomfortable adhesives, difficulty in chewing, difficulty in speech, nausea and loss of bone mass is related to the lack of teeth problems.
Dental implants can be too expensive, but compared to the endless expenditures of other treatment options, most people agree that implants are more advantageous. Your time is precious and other treatments imply adjustments, special cleaning and periodic replacement of dentures and bridges. In what dental implants are concerned, you may resume to normal oral hygiene after the initial treatment.
A better health, a greater self-confidence, improved quality of life and a pleasant overall appearance are among the reasons why dental implants are recognized as the highest standard for replacing lost teeth.
The benefits of dental implants
Dental implants offer a mastication force, preservation of natural remaining teeth, major comfort and improving self-esteem. The implants may eliminate total or partial dentures, provide tooth resistance, reduce bone loss, remove adhesives and support healthy gums and adjacent teeth, the natural teeth feeling.