Implant definition

DENTAL IMPLANT s. (Im-plant´): titanium device that is inserted into the bone to replace a missing root or to become a pole for a prosthesis

The dental implant is an artificial dental root made of titanium and specially treated to integrate the human bone. This metal (which looks like a screw) replaces a tooth root. It is implanted into the bone by a simple and painless surgical method in a very short time. Between the bone and the titanium implant a close connection is made and finally a foundation for the future artificial tooth results. In this dental implant, the afferent prosthetic abutment will be attached, which part of it will enter subgingival and the prosthetic crown will be cemented on the rest of the abutment. Dental implants can replace one or more missing teeth, thus maintaining the facial structure and preventing deterioration (resorption) of the bone, a phenomenon that occurs when one or more teeth are lost.

Dental implants feel and look so natural that you can forget that you have lost a tooth. As you know the lack of teeth affects the personality of the man but also affects the professional level.