When and why

Studies in the field have shown that dento-maxillary disharmonies are not only genetically determined but, in a large proportion they are caused by vicious habits occurring in childhood (thumb sucking or pacifier after the age of 3-4 years, mouth breathing, incorrect position of the resting tongue, swallowing and phonation, biting lower/superior lip, cheeks suction, supporting the chin on the fist, etc.).

Parents are wrongly advised to wait their children’s all permanent teeth eruption (around the age of 12). By intervening early, around 5-8 years, the myo-functional, orofacial therapy, and the use of suitable equipment helps removing bad habits, re-educating the muscles, guiding the permanent teeth eruption, thus contributing to the harmonious facial development favouring a subsequent possible orthodontic treatment.

Patients older than 12 years and adults can successfully benefit from an orthodontic treatment.